Dec 062013
something for the weekend?

…er, no actually.

Yes, today I feel like I am joining in with all the Christmas mania. All those voucher codes, black Fridays, discounts galore… for today I am offering you three posts for the price of one!

My news is that I am calling a halt/break to our Something for the Weekend linky. Basically, since we moved it from Monday (and also because I am now working so much) I simply don’t have time to maintain it properly. Not just for me, but for all the people who link up. Tom and I really appreciate people who take the time to link up, join in and be part of our linky. However, we have noticed that we are slipping as are the number of people linking up so thought it would be best to give it a break until the new year and then perhaps bring it back… Or maybe not. We’ll see. In any case, HUGE thanks to all of you who have ever linked up to the Monday Club or Something for the Weekend or, indeed, Wednesday Witter. Remember that?

Linky culls seem to be on the agenda today. Suzanne over at ‘Three Children and It‘ is also stopping her ‘Oldies but Goodies’ linky. I have linked up with her today as well with my most statistically popular post ever which is on the glorious subject of poo. Mary Berry’s scarf came in a close second. I am not sure what that says about my blogging! Anyway, do hop over and give her her last hurrah as well.

My third post to offer you today apart from this one and poo is courtesy of Stephanie over at ‘Beautiful Misbehaviour’. Fool that she is, she asked to interview me about my poetry book and today has posted the interview on her blog. So if you would like to see what I have to say about writing, feminism and pink Lego then click here.

So, there you are. Enough reading for at least two cups of tea and a caramel chocolate digestive that I *might* be rather partial to at the moment. For my part, I am off to stock up on Benylin, Calpol, paracetamol, Vicks and, oh, what’s that other thing I need…..? Ah, yes. Wine. Nothing like a slurp of Chardonnay to wash down the penicillin. We are officially the House of Lurgy. And no prizes for guessing who is doing all the TLC….despite feeling like I’ve been repeatedly smacked round the head with my son’s rubber sword. There’s still people to tend to, houses to tidy, food to buy, food to prepare, food to clear up….you get the picture. Not that I’m bitter. *coughs* *coughs again* *and again*

Why so many coughs? Oh, yes, because I’M ILL TOO!

On that note…xx

Nov 292013

….An Affair of Love that is! Yes, in a post of shameless self-promotion and giddy excitement I am pleased to announce that yesterday I took delivery of my first published anthology, ‘The Affair of Love’.

A beautiful, pocket-sized A6 anthology of 15 poems all written by little ol’ me! The poems stem from a verse from the Song of Solomon and the design and illustrations are by Helen Braid and I think it looks perfect – just how I pictured and wanted it.

I have limited copies and you can order yours by clicking the Buy Now button on my sidebar or from here.

sarah miles poetry

Anyway, I am so thrilled and secretly quite proud of myself. I’m a dreamer, remarkably nimble at dodging reality. But I am now sage enough to know that dreams need at bit of a shove up the bum sometimes. The world seems to be becoming an unforgiving place and the ‘I’m alright, Jack’ philosophy is growing. I used to want to believe that fate would take your dreams and make them happen. I still think that to a certain extent but now I realise fate isn’t a sole trader, I am its silent partner and have a bit of welly in my own future, thank you very much.

So, cap (or book) in hand I am on a mission to get myself out there.  I have had an offer from a local bookshop of possibly stocking some copies and I plan to go and harass charm some other lovely booksellers in the area. Other ideas are mulling around my head too but at the moment I may need to put them on hold until the end of term because much as I want to sit down and write more poems I actually have to sit down and write 160 school reports. Maybe I should do them in limerick form?!  Personally, I think school reports should be like Twitter, 140 characters or less. say what you mean and cut the waffle. But then, times have changed and you are not allowed to say anything negative without dressing it up as a positive. *sighs*

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Nov 222013

So, I heard this week that ‘selfie’ is the mot du jour and Oxford Dictionary’s Word of the Year.

(n.) a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website.

the pope selfie

Apparently, we’re all at it. It is a craze that has swept not just the nation but on a global scale. Personally, I can think of nothing worse than having an arm’s length picture of myself posted on to the internet. According to  photographer Julia Boggio, a selfie is best taken higher than your head at a sideways stance.  I’ll admit, this does produce a more flattering picture and certainly beats that mistaken selfie you sometimes get when fiddling with your phone and hitting the wrong button. The horror of what you really look like in the (literal) cold light of day is something to stain the mind for a long time…

My main point about the selfie-mania is that, well, erm *whispers* It’s nothing new, is it?   I about to show my age but surely this is the ultimate selfie, given to the world 22 (yes, TWENTY TWO) years ago….

Thelma and Louise selfie

I remember after that still brilliant film (and my first vision of a naked Brad Pitt), that my friends and I were selfie-ing all the time, but we called it ‘doing a Thelma and Louise’. I suppose the difference is that we took photos on dodgy rectangular 110 cameras that only got developed after about 6 months when the moment had passed. Using my Nan’s polaroid camera was certainly NOT an option (far too expensive). So there was no immediacy about it. Nothing to show the world via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. And all I can say is, Thank God for that. No, the closest thing we got to selfies was to cram ourselves into a photo-booth and pull silly faces, wait 10 agonising minutes, cringe at the photos and then have to wander around town with them tentatively orchid between fingertips while they dried.  And that was the sum of our social media exposure.

I’m not denouncing selfies, each to their own and there is not harm in it. I choose not to partake cos I feel somewhat ‘past my prime’ but I bet if I was 17 again I’d be clicking away with the rest of them.

So, ‘selfie’ makes the Oxford Dictionary along with ‘twerk’ and ‘binge-watching’. Words you never thought you’d see on a scrabble board….

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Nov 082013

Tomorrow is Blogfest, Mumsnet’s annual blogging conference. I shall be up at the crack of dawn (literally) and crawling on to the train to London.  I went last year and I was impressed; it was well-organised, professional and had some excellent speakers.  See my post HERE to read more about that or click below to have a peek at what goes on…

attending_badge_13Blogfest gives bloggers the opportunity to attend seminars (such as SEO, how to make your blog look marvellous, writing tips) and also hear some inspirational and speakers and debate. This year’s keynote speech is from Jo Brand (a local girl) and I am sure it will be the perfect way to finish the day. Well, except for the drinks reception afterwards. And the goody bag. And the fact that I am staying in London with a friend that night and off to Olympia the next day.

Blogfest is, of course, also an opportunity to meet up with like-minded bloggers and some good friends. And this is a huge part of its success – the people, the bloggers.  United in words.

something for the weekend?If you have blogged recently, why not link up to Something for the Weekend? (Full details on this blog’s SFTW page) Simply add your post to the linky below, read and comment on a couple of other entries and please give us a mention on your post or add our badge to your sidebar. All entries will be tweeted to spread the word…

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Oct 262013

Oh dear. There’s fashionably late and there’s missing the party late.  I do have an excuse. To quote a friend, I had two ‘rotten apples’ and spent most of yesterday morning propped up on a stool at the Genius Bar at the Bluewater Apple Store. My (newly replaced) iPad was crashing in the most spectacular manner, in fact the guy who was dealing with me took it around the store to show his colleagues exclaiming ‘Have you ever seen this before??!’  Me 1 – Apple 0.  Then I produced my dead MacBook which only showed an intuitively grey screen and code 2012F.  I have my theories what the F stood for and I think it rhymes with ducked.  Another code they had never heard of. Me 2 – Apple 0. I do like to keep these techie types on their toes.

apple store bluewaterAnyway, they duly gave me another new iPad which seems to be working perfectly. Me 2 – Apple 1. Then, after and hour, my MacBook was resurrected, there was life in the old girl yet! Me 2 – Apple 2.  To top it off when I got home I was greeted with the message that OS X Mavericks was newly launched, free and ready to download.  It did take all night (but I blame that on my rubbish wi-fi) but this morning, finally, I have a working MacBook whose sins have been purged and it is cleansed and like new.

I have to say, I think Apple are great. There are glitches to be found (who doesn’t have a few glitches?) but their customer service is excellent.  For absolutely no money whatsoever I have had 2 brand new iPads and a rescued laptop that costs over £1000 to replace. It’s pretty good imho.

So, a day late I am posting for #Something for the Weekend. My little linky that I share with Tom and well, let’s face it, it is struggling to keep up. A bit like me on the hockey pitch aged 14. All the enthusiasm, got the skills but the stamina is failing…

So, come on! Link up your posts or I feel there may be a bit of blogging euthanasia on the horizon….


Oct 042013

Cinderella complexI have confused myself. Easily done, I know, but this one has me wondering if it’s just me?

To set the scene: last night my knackered OH went to bed super-early (9.15) and I said I would watch Downton on catch-up and then be up.

I dutifully watched Lady Mary trying to change her expression and when it finished I found I had the urge. No, not THAT urge *tsk* but the urge to write. To be honest, I always want to write but I rarely get the time or peace to do so. So I wrote two blog posts and a poem but by the time I had finished it was pushing 1am. I have always been something of a night-owl (and definitely NOT a morning person) and I don’t work on a Thurs or Fri morning BUT I felt guilty going to bed. By the light of my ‘phone I snuck upstairs, grabbed my PJs and crept into the bathroom to get ready for bed. Then, stealthily, I slid into bed and slipped off to the Land of Nod*

Now, my quandary is WHY did I feel guilty? I felt like a teenager sneaking in after curfew. And there is absolutely no reason for this, none at all. OK, the first thing my OH said to me this morning was ‘What time did you get to bed last night? It was after 12 cos I woke up and you weren’t there.’ But it wasn’t (I think) in an accusatory way and nothing more was said. Probably because I replied eloquently in my head but in reality just grunted and buried my head in the pillow. Come on, it was 6.15am..

Anyway, I am left wondering about this feeling of guilt, like it was wrong to stay up so late, almost as if anything past midnight is unacceptable. I think I may have a Cinderella Complex.


So, I appeal to your Freudian side and ask for your insight into this ridiculous scenario. Because it’s not the first time it has happened and it won’t be the last. Perhaps it is the fact that everyone else is doing one thing and I was doing another? That I should be doing the same? Maybe it’s because I was doing something just for me? Not sure, but it was the lateness that clinched the deal….All analysis welcome and taken on board…



* The RS teacher in me has to tell you that this is the place Cain was banished to after killing his brother. So not, in fact, the place where dreams are made….

something for the weekend?

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Sep 272013

imageAs the Autumn kicks in, so does the new season of telly. Now, I am not a big fan of the goggle-box, preferring to sit in the kitchen with Radio 4 and my iPad. Is that a bit of an oxymoron? Possibly. However, I have been hit by the triple whammy of seasonal programming; The Great British Bake Off (nice buns, Paul), Strictly Come Dancing and the return of Downton Abbey.

Downton Abbey, fast becoming a parody of itself but still easing me nicely into the week ahead. Was I the only peson who thought Matthew might have actually survived the car crash? Clearly not, although….

My predictions for the new series of Downton:

Lady Mary and the Tom the ex-chauffeur get it on. They each go through turmoil and guilt-laden scampering up the stairs from dinner, hand on brow, until they finally go all Lady Chatterley by the lake. They convince themselves it’s what Matthew and Lady Sybil would have wanted for them and the heirs. It is SO not.

Mister Bates and Mrs Bates, after a ruckus this week, reconcile and make Master Bates. I know, juvenile. I can’t help it. I was raised watching Captain Pugwash.

Lady Edith goes to Germany in a swirl of scandal and then some bloke that couldn’t make it as a painter gets all up himself and tries to take over the world. Edith becomes an undercover british agent.

The dog dies.

Mrs Patmore, undefeated by modern technology, invents the Kitchenaid and never has to work again. (It’s 1919. I hope. Otherwise she’s in for a lawsuit.)

Carson and Mrs Hughes cannot deny the underlying currents of passion any more and are wed in between breakfast duties and luncheon.

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Sep 202013

‘Mummy, why do you look like that when you wear those? (Points at my pyjamas)’

‘Well, I haven’t got dressed yet, love’

‘No, that! (Points at my face)’

‘Oh. Well, it’s early, I haven’t put my make-up on yet’

‘So you’re not pretty yet.’

‘Oh. No. S’pose not’

Kids. They tell it like it is and boy can it cut to the quick. Being gingery fair, I have always been, imho, in need of a bit of definition. By that I mean eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara. And a flash of blusher. I recall when I was at university I would get up extra early just to make sure my boyfriend didn’t see me sans mascara. To be fair, he always reassured me I’d look wonderful without. Then one day he did see me, fresh from the shower and his comment was ‘You’re right you know. You do need make-up.’ Sounds awful now, but he wasn’t being mean, just honest and I felt rather gratified that I had been right.

Now, I know a lot of women don’t wear any make-up and part of me wishes I had the confidence to do just that. But I don’t think it’s a case of right or wrong, just preference. Wearing or not wearing make-up doesn’t make you any more or less of a person. It doesn’t give you the moral upper hand to go au naturel, it just means you prefer not to and (maybe) have a little more confidence about how you look.

Following the morale-boosting conversation with my toddler this week I then noticed that celebs are going make-up free for Children in Need this year….daring to bare (or bear). I looked at their photos and , of course, they all look beautiful but *whispers* I’m not convinced there isn’t at least a slick of lip gloss and powder on there. There is also the fact that the lighting and photographer was rather brilliant too. However, good on them. It takes courage to wipe off your public ‘face’ and expose your imperfections. Not something I would do. Except for the postman, he sees me in all states of scrambled together morning chaos and I’ve given up apologising to him for being in my PJs at 11am with claims of housework before showering.

Today is the official launch of our new/re-hashed linky, now called Something for the Weekend.

It was The Monday Club, but I don’t like Mondays. Tell you why? Because. Have to work now and have no free time ’til Friday. So Tom ( and I have re-launched it on a Friday instead. Same rules (none really) – link up any post, any topic from any time and try to read and comment on a couple of others. It’s all about sharing stories, finding new blogs and patting each other on the back. Who doesn’t love a bit of that? Especially when you’ve got that Friday feeling….

So make (up) our day, link up below and have a great weekend!

Sep 152013

something for the weekend?Just as things were going so well, I have decided to upset the apple cart.

This term I have doubled my working days and, consequentially, I now work on a Monday. And a Tuesday. And a Wednesday. And a Thursday. Needless to say, working all day and with three kids to sort out when I get home I am finding it tricky to give due care and attention to The Monday Club.  So I had a little conflab with co-host Tom and we have decided the best thing to do is to slide it to a Friday instead, then we have the whole weekend to read, comment and tweet to our hearts’ content.

The Friday Club didn’t have the same ring to it so, always up for a bit of innuendo, we have decided to re-christen it ‘Something for the Weekend?’  It will work in exactly the same way (any post, any topic) but on a Friday instead of a Monday.

I do hope those of you who regularly join in will continue to do so. It has been so lovely to see the numbers rising each week in what is, basically, a way for us all to read and discover blogs (old and new).

I have extended the linky so you can link up today and it will s-t-r-e-t-c-h all the way to Friday and beyond. Then just link up on a Friday instead of a Monday!

Sep 092013

Every 13th September it is Roald Dahl Day.  There is something so magical about Roald Dahl, and slightly sinister too! The language, the stories, the characters…just so evocative and enthralling.

We are back to school and I am teaching Year 7 English too this year, so I thought I would run a competition at school. Now, a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to win a Country Wives competition for a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory poster from Spineless Classics. It is a poster with the ENTIRE book on it as part of the picture. I absolutely love it and it hangs proudly in my kitchen (I was going to give it to my daughter but I liked it too much!).

Spineless Clasics

Feeling cheeky, this week I tweeted the lovely people at Spineless Classics on the scrounge and they have very kindly given me a James and the Giant Peach poster to offer as a prize in my school for Roald Dahl day. I am so chuffed and thought they rightly deserved a bit of bigging up.  They are also running a competition this week too so I advise you to follow them on Twitter and/or Facebook (@spinelessclass) and take part. These posters are beautiful and I have had no end of compliments and exclamations of ‘OMG! Is that the whole book?’

Spineless Classics

I don’t know if any of you are involved in RD day but I think we might have snozzcumbers for tea on Friday….


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Sep 022013

Clock-FaceToday is the first day back at work for me after the holidays and *whispers* I am quite looking forward to it. Not the whole getting up early, coercing the kids to get dressed, breakfasted and teeth cleaned by 0745, scrummaging together of ‘snack’ and frantically remembering that we didn’t get the reading/spelling/times tables done. No, none of that is very welcome. But I do like a bit of routine and lovely as it may seem to have the whole family off for the hols (my OH and I both being in education) it can be a bit manic. There is seldom any ‘down time’ and even less ‘me time’. I know, selfish old boot aren’t I? But I miss the ‘me time’ especially – those precious moments where you can do what you want without repercussion, interruption or guilt. On my own I can acknowledge the breakfast things need washing up but ignore them until I have done some writing, had a cup of tea, stared into the ether….but with family around I feel I should be doing them as a priority.

I have very different priorities to my husband which is often a bone of contention. Neither of us are right or wrong, just different. Well, obvs I think I am right but you know what I mean. I am much more relaxed about things generally. He likes to be über organised. Thus I am quite happy to attend to my well-being/sanity first (cuppa and blogging) whilst he needs to get everything that could possibly need to be done completed before he relaxes. Result?  He is much more stressed than me yet we achieve the same outcomes at the end of the day. Kinda.

I suppose what I am trying to say is I am all for horses for courses so long as you don’t try to run on my racecourse. Keep your Red Rum to the Grand National and I will trot along on my pony on a nice country hack.  Sometimes I may muster myself up into a canter, but mostly I like to trot along, happy with my world and letting the rest of it gallop past me.

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Aug 262013
camping in Wilderness Wood

Yes, I brought bunting.

I’m not sure if it’s a mid-life crisis, proving a point or a genuine swing in attitude but last week the impossible happened. I went camping.

While you scrape yourselves back off the floor, let me reassure you that it was only for one night and by God, that was enough.

The spot was ideal, a little personal copse in nearby Wilderness Wood where there was a hut, picnic tables and a fire pit with logs around it. And chemical toilet in a wooden hut 200yds away. Thankfully out of sight and smell. And all of it was ours for 24 hours.

We went with my sister and her family and my two best friends & co joined us for the evening. My friend J is an uber-camper and even happily worked and camped at a Jamboree for weeks. My other friend H is the complete opposite of that. For example, she kindly brought some food for the evening camp out which included olives and sushi. More on that later…

The day and evening were brilliant. The dogs behaved and loved roaming around our ‘patch’ sniffing and seeing off the more macho squirrels who dared to enter. The kids did similar…but with den-building in-between. Sticks were assigned to each child and ceremoniously charred in the fire for good measure. It all got a bit ‘Lord of the Flies’ at one point when two boys ventured near our camp and my nephew yelled something along the lines of ‘kill the intruders’ and ran at them, face commandoed up and stick at the ready. He was half their age but they scarpered nonetheless.

We cooked a successful lunch of sausages (of course) and pitched our tents. The evening meal was to be baked potatoes in the fire and in case of failure to cook, fresh pasta and sauce (easy and filling according to the wisdom of my friend, J) and sloshed down with a bottle or 3 of wine. This was our first hiccup. Whilst out on an afternoon ‘venture’ something had been at our bread and eaten half of it. (My brother-in-law remains convinced it was our dog, Fergus but I reckon it was the bloody squirrels). We also discovered the bread was mouldy despite only having been bought the day before from a major, Jamie Oliver loving supermarket.

Nigella doesn't have to work with this...

I then discovered that we had not packed the pasta or the potatoes. They remained safely in my fridge drawer. Looking at the half-gnawed bread I texted my pals who were on their way and we humbly requested they bring food and (erk – only one bottle of wine left!) some more wine. J turned up with supplies as requested and H went via Waitrose and turned up with two carrier bags of goodies including crisps and dip, olives and some very nice sushi.

Appetites sated we sat around the campfire laughing and singing. Well J and I were singing and reminiscing about our schooldays when we camped for our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Back then, J and I shared a tent and sang ourselves to sleep harmonising to Simon and Garfunkel songs. Alas, as H pointed out at the time, we were both in different keys. This time wasn’t a lot better it has to be said. It scared off any wild beasts though.

So, merriment and comradery abound we did the cursory toasting of marshmallows before we finally bade farewell to our friends and the two remaining families called it a night.

Oh, what a night.

Let me rephrase that. Oh, what a bloody awful night. Everything I had ever feared about camping manifested itself in a night spent coping with deflated airbeds, a son with night terrors, thick, moist air, and a flippin’ loud owl. My aged labrador snored so loudly from the outside compartment that my sis thought there was a wild boar outside (she also has the breath of doom. The dog, not my sis). I was freeeezing cold and the sleeping bag I had bought made it feel like I was kipping in a plastic bag. Just when I thought I could take no more I looked at my phone and it was only half past one. I nearly cried. There were hours of this misery to go. I can testify to this as it did, indeed, last all night until finally dawn broke and I crawled out of bed to re-stoke the fire and thaw out, my aching bones seized up and rebelling against fluid movement.

walking on broken glass(es)

walking on broken glass(es)

Breakfast helped and then it took ages to pack up. You need a hell of a lot of stuff for one night and nine people camping. We had been given two wheelbarrows to wheel our stuff the 10 min journey through the woods to the car park. Try as we might, this still involved two journeys and a fair bit of swearing as things fell out along the way. Our major casualty was my daughter’s new glasses. Dutifully popped in the side pocket of the tent when she went to sleep and completely mullered the next morning as her father rolled up the tent with them still in it.

Before we went I was all set to take on Camp Bestival next year. Now I am seriously re-thinking. The whole camping bit was absolutely brilliant. The sanitation grim but bearable. It’s the sleeping bit. I can’t go through one more night like that, let alone three.

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Aug 192013

fresh carrotsAs Lou Reed sang ‘You’re gonna reap just what you sow’ and this weekend our Sunday roast was enhanced by our very own iddly carrots, grown from seed.

Now, we don’t have much of a garden. We have just had the back postage stamp area completely patioed (it looks fab) and the front garden is a small patch of grass and a path. So I bought a raised bed box thingummy, one of those metre x metre wooden boxes in which to grow a few veggies. The thinking behind this was mostly to see the awed wonder on my children’s faces as they watched the tiny seeds grow into something they could pick and eat themselves. Of course, the more savvy among you will know this is a (sub)urban myth. The older two couldn’t be bothered to help sow the seeds in the first place, so H and I did that. And that was nice. She enjoyed watering them in and then turning the hose on me. Hilarious. Such a joyous moment of mother/daughter bonding has never been seen.

Since then all three of them have taken no interest whatsoever on how the little seedlings were getting on. To be fair, I planted a lot of stuff I know they won’t eat (spring onions, lettuce, tomatoes) but all the same I had imagined they might let out a cursory whoop when signs of life sprouted through.

caterpillars on my broccoli

Little buggers

Now harvest time is here, the lettuces have all been eaten via some very sunny BBQs, the spring onions are still springing in the soil, the carrots formed part of yesterday’s supper and the broccoli has been the most successful in that it has been completely eaten. Alas by caterpillars and not humans. My three small tomato plants have taken over like some alien form from Doctor Who. I did buy some wire cage things for them, but I can’t even see them any more and have decided to persuade my sis (who is a garden designer) to help me control them and show ’em who’s boss. Whether we will get enough sun to ripen the little beggars I don’t know. Fingers crossed.

What I am most excited about are the olives on my olive tree. If I can get just one edible olive I will cheer its success by plopping it in a dry martini. Yes, even if it is a black one.


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