Sep 112013

20130911-174324.jpgThis is one of my favourite photographs of me. Partly because it’s a distance shot and you don’t get to see my wrinkles or the bags under the eyes, but also because I am wearing my absolute favourite things: a scarf, hat, and boots. I love the summer sun but there is nothing so glorious to me as the crisp arrival of autumn. You can keep your strappy tops, shorts and flip-flops – give me winter woollies and I am a happy girl.

At the moment I am on a mission for some winter boots, smart enough for work with a pencil skirt but comfortable enough to stand up in all day. Harder than I thought. I have been trawling the internet (my favourite way to shop) but the perfect pair are eluding me. I also need to buy the compulsory pair of jeans (or two) for the winter. I live in jeans, I really do. Bootcuts for the summer, skinny with boots for the winter. One of my favourite songs is still Neil Diamond’s ‘Forever in Blue Jeans’. But I digress.

I was having a browse online last night and there are some really lovely things out there this year for me to covet. Why trawl around all the shops with their roasting heating systems and lack of sizes when I can browse the internet in comfort of my own home, scarf  wrapped around my neck, tea in my hand and perhaps a naughty slice of cake on the side. I have been scouring Pinterest for autumnal outfit ideas and there are lots of lovely outfits out there that people have put together in a way that I’m sure I could never pull off, especially the tiny tiny thighs that you appear to need to wear such an outfit with style and grace. *puts back cake*


The PERFECT outfit imho but look at those tiny thighs!

I seem to be having a bit of an image rehaul at the moment. Last week I decided to cut myself a fringe. I know, never the best idea and more than one person has questioned how I can spend so much at the hairdressers and then take to my hair with the kitchen scissors. It looks OK, swept to the side, or with a clip in, or….Ok, ok – I’m growing it out!

I have even painted my fingernails this week in a bid to look a bit more sassy (love that word – don’t know why). One of my Y7 pupils vocalised her approval of my choice of colour, so I am clearly not so crusty as I feel.

Right, that’s enough from me. I am going out (bescarved*) and ready to kick up some autumn leaves…


* SO should be a word

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  1. We can be autumn ladies together….must be something about the hair colour. I cannot wait for the first log fire in our new abode and getting into my coat and wellies for a walk! xxx

  2. You see I like Winter clothes too, I love being all snuggly puggly in woolens and wot not, I just don’t like the season that much… but I love your choice of clothes and their colours – right up my street! X.
    older mum in a muddle recently posted…#One Week – Summer ’13 – Not Vintage. Just Good.My Profile

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