Dec 222013

It’s the final push…

As my children keep reminding me, Christmas is now down to countable hours away and I am at that slightly manic-panic stage.  You know, where you think you had it all sorted and then remember that Aunty Mabel is allergic to Quality Street, the food order arrived with more substitutions than Stoke City and SOMEBODY forgot who their secret santa was. You know who you are…

IMG_0947Anyway, in a bid to be festive today I have cooked the ham (in coca cola  – #teamnigella), made cranberry sauce (yes fresh cranberries were one of my substitutions!) and baked muffins from scratch to try out the eggs benedict planned for xmas morning. I have also (as I hope you’ve noticed) thrown a scattering of yuletide joy over my blog header. I was hoping for a full on nativity scene, but in all the Christmas ‘blog bling’ there seemed to be a lack of anything religious. Well, it is Christmas after all…

My spirits were further lifted by the arrival of Ben’s (Mutterings of a Fool) blog post in my inbox which bestowed upon me the dad bloggers singing their holiday hearts out.  HOW did I miss last year’s?  It is a must see (well, they both are) so click here if you need your spirits lifted and your musical horizons…um…widened!

Tomorrow my husband goes to collect the mother-in-law and is *hopefully* taking one or three of the kids with him. This will allow me a precious day to myself. I don’t seem to have had any time to myself in weeks and, alas, it’s not something you can wrap up and pop under the tree. Ironically, as a teacher, when the school holidays come I have less time to myself than during the working week. I usually work Mon-Thurs so gone are my precious Fridays with only H (who will quite happily watch Peppa Pig while I blog) before off for a coffee and a bun with my friend and a little bit of sanity.

On that note I am going to put the blogging on the back burner (if there’s space!) and see you all in the new year.  I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and much joy for 2014.

  6 Responses to “Ho Ho Ho…”

  1. happy christmas to you lovely. can’t wait to see you next year xx
    sarah james (@apartyofseven) recently posted…#silentsunday #365 #photooftheweekMy Profile

  2. Happy Christmas Madam and see you in the New Year! Enjoy your much deserved day off tomorrow xxx
    Adventures of an Unfit Mother recently posted…Christmas QuicktakesMy Profile

    • As ever, the weather has put pay to my plans and I am now taking all three kids into town by myself. Wish me luck.

      Happy Christmas xx

  3. A football joke? Where did that come from?!
    We’ve taken a very different approach to Christmas this year, hardly any presents bought, kids were sorted in November at an NCT nearly new sale. Then food wise we bought some meat and are waiting to see what comes in the veg box tomorrow to do the rest. Feels quite nice not to be all stressed about the prep.
    The Fool recently posted…Perfect dayMy Profile

    • I know. The subliminal messages of Match of the Day in the background.

      God bless Nearly New Sales (a.k.a. Mummy scrums).

      Happy Christmas x

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