Oct 222015

There is a part of me that needs to shout about something, and this is the place to do it.

Memes that tell you how sh*t celerities look in the morning/without make-up or how they’ve aged ‘badly’ (how dare 69 year-old Goldie Hawn not look she did in Private Benjamin) and I know I shouldn’t self-perpetuate them by clicking on them, but I do.

Because a horrible part of me wants to know that Courteney Cox looks just as bad without make-up as I do. I then feel very guilty about being so shallow, about myself AND the lovely Courteney.

But, really – these feeds are awful – feasting on the insecurities of not just the celebrities (who must feel like they are constantly subject to the most hideous abuse) but on our own insecurities, because, as stated, they tap into that guilty psyche that knows, in theory, that what you look like doesn’t matter but also knows, in fact, that in the world of ‘certain’ magazines/newspapers it obviously is the crux of life.

Luckily, I have reached a place in life where I am OK with how I look and accept that the wrinkles are there to stay and that the toned tummy I’ve always craved definitely isn’t going to manifest itself to a 42 year-old mother of 3 who does no exercise. But, I have spent a good 25 years of my life worrying about being too fat, too wobbly and too wonky. In hindsight, I know it’s ridiculous and, to be honest, I think I always did know it, deep down, but I spent my formative teenage years in the rise of the supermodel (who now, ironically, would be too fat!) and it’s hard to shake off that ‘looks matter’ doctrine when it’s been taught from an early age.

So, these spiteful posts that infiltrate our timelines like some nasty rash, really need to be ignored and, yes, I am talking to myself here. The only, small saving grace is that they do, at least, expose the amount of make-up, photoshopping etc. needed to be red-carpet ready and it is something to show my daughters, perhaps, hoping they will have more sense/confidence than I did as they grow up and realise that beauty is, very much, in the eye of the beholder and that magazine photoshoots are fake, misleading and destructive.


Where to start…

Well, it’s been a very hectic three weeks, to say the least. The majority of August has been taken up with Paper Swans’ launches of our new book, Schooldays. I have, on three consecutive Saturdays, hosted events at London, Oxford and Edinburgh. It’s been fab and if you want to know more you can read [click here to read more]

Summertime Surprise Project

I have the pleasure of being a participant in Capture by Lucy’s Summer Surprise Project (#summertimesurpriseproject). I love things like ‘random acts of kindness’ where you tell a stranger you like their jacket, buy coffee for the next person in the queue or put your neighbour’s bins out – just because you can. This project is about sending [click here to read more]

Why I have joined The Women’s Equality Party

Today, I joined The Women’s Equality Party, set up by Sandi Toksvig and Catherine Mayer. Why? Well, I have always been proud to call myself a feminist, in the truest sense of the word: that men and women should be equal. In many places, including the UK, this is not so. If you need persuading, read [click here to read more]

Siddhartha Gautama vs James Dyson

I must confess, this is a post I never dreamed of writing. For a start, it’s about spiders. Spoiler for all you arachnophobics out there – pictures below. Not big scary tarantulas, mind you. Just Mr & Mrs Skinny-Legs. Secondly, it’s about the preservation of our eight-legged ‘friends’. Again, not a concept I have ever [click here to read more]