Aug 302015

Well, it’s been a very hectic three weeks, to say the least.

The majority of August has been taken up with Paper Swans’ launches of our new book, Schooldays. I have, on three consecutive Saturdays, hosted events at London, Oxford and Edinburgh. It’s been fab and if you want to know more you can read about it here.

The highlight of last week was going to Harry Potter studios. I know lots of bloggers have gone (for free, grr) and ‘done it’ but we were there for the love of all thing Rowling and with a daughter named Hermione, it was the only place I felt I could freely call her name and not get looked at in ‘that way’. It was bloody excellent. We are all avid Potter fans, so it was a safe bet really, but OMG, just SO worth the money, to get in. Everything else was a massive bit of a rip-off. £25 for the video of your child riding a broom. I have 3 children; that’s £75 for 6 minutes of footage nobody will ever want to watch more than once (I KNEW my maths GCSE would come to good use one of these days). We didn’t purchase.

However, the chance to see all the sets and props and all those images and things that are SO familiar to Potter fans, in the flesh – just indescribable. My sis and I were in seventh heaven. And the kids quite liked it too. I *might* have bought my daughter, Hermione, Hermione Grainger’s wand for Christmas. I absolutely will not be waving it at home on my day off, shouting ‘Alohomora!’ at the dishwasher.

One, stand-out thing from the last few weeks is that I took my eldest daughter to Edinburgh with me. During that trip, we went to the Camera Obscura in Edinburgh (which is EXCELLENT btw) and there was a program by St. Andrew’s University where you could age yourself (and change your sex, see yourself as a chimp etc.). Despite the fact that I think I look a bit like Legolas as a boy, I saw my daughter aged 70. This made me well-up because, in real life, I’m never going to see that. She looked lovely.


Legolas & Me. Sittin’ in a tree…

My 70 year-old daughter

My 70 year-old daughter


School starts any hour now (argh!) and life will get back into routine. Which I am eager to break at any opportunity. I have various poetry events to got to, including the Poetry Book Fair at the end of September where I have a stand. I have also signed up for two courses with The Poetry School (yes, two!) and today is my 12th wedding anniversary which  is being suitably celebrated with my OH feeling ill and asleep upstairs, kids fighting and me sipping a celebratory viognier and catching up on my blogging. This is what marriage is all about, folks!

Until next time x

Summertime Surprise Project

Summertime Surprise Project

I have the pleasure of being a participant in Capture by Lucy’s Summer Surprise Project (#summertimesurpriseproject). I love things like ‘random acts of kindness’ where you tell a stranger you like their jacket, buy coffee for the next person in the queue or put your neighbour’s bins out – just because you can. This project is about sending [click here to read more]

Why I have joined The Women's Equality Party

Why I have joined The Women’s Equality Party

Today, I joined The Women’s Equality Party, set up by Sandi Toksvig and Catherine Mayer. Why? Well, I have always been proud to call myself a feminist, in the truest sense of the word: that men and women should be equal. In many places, including the UK, this is not so. If you need persuading, read [click here to read more]

Siddhartha Gautama vs James Dyson

Siddhartha Gautama vs James Dyson

I must confess, this is a post I never dreamed of writing. For a start, it’s about spiders. Spoiler for all you arachnophobics out there – pictures below. Not big scary tarantulas, mind you. Just Mr & Mrs Skinny-Legs. Secondly, it’s about the preservation of our eight-legged ‘friends’. Again, not a concept I have ever [click here to read more]



So, how did February get here so fast, eh? I have survived Friday the 13th and side-stepped having to watch 50 Shades of Shite at the cinema. Valentine’s Day has been and gone as has my littlest daughter’s 5th birthday. Tomorrow is Shrove Tuesday and that doesn’t just mean pancakes, that means Lent. I know [click here to read more]

Cadbury's Creme Eggs

Cadbury’s Creme Eggs

Like much of Britain, I was dismayed to hear that Kraft (who bought Cadbury’s) have been rather ‘Krafty’ *groans* and changed the chocolate on Creme Eggs. No longer does thick dairy milk surround the sweet, gooey filling but cheap, thin chocolate that tastes as sugary as its filling. I tweeted my alarm to Cadbury’s, Facebooked [click here to read more]