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Extract from Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell


I am Sarah Miles.  A wife and a mother of three.  Like Shirley Valentine, I often found myself talking to the wall.
A friend suggested blogging instead and now I write not one but three blogs. But I do still talk to the wall.
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  • Hello Wall… was shortlisted in the ‘Outstanding’ category of the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2013 and in the ‘Writer’ category 2014.
  • My greatest passion is writing poetry.  All of my creative writing is over at Sarah Miles which was a finalist in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2013 (writer category – under its former name Supper and Syntax).
  • I write another blog about food – recipes, reviews and kitchen chatter – What Would Nigella Do?  It was a finalist in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2012 (food category) and shortlisted in the 2013 awards.
  • I am a teacher, but like many bloggers I would love to write for a living.  At the moment I write book reviews for a national educational magazine, I’ve written articles for local parenting magazines and I was chosen to read out my post ‘The Downstairs Loo at Britmums Live 2012 Bloggers’ Keynote and my poem A Mother’s CV at the 2014 Boggers’ Keynote.



twitter:  @_sarahmiles_

email:    thevoiceofsarahmiles@gmail.com

  16 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Oh Sarah- I LOVE the Hello Wall blog name! I also love all your vintage pics on the site. I too am a primary teacher- don't know if or when I'll go back so for me, like you, it's blogging and wine in the meantimexxxx

  2. Emma – thanks for all your lovely comments tonight! I really enjoy reading your blog too – I don't know how you do it with 5 children! I struggle with 3! Love blogging, but still talk to the wall…..

  3. I see you updated from 38 to 39- onwards and upwards lady! I passed the big 40 and honestly the build up was the worst! I think your blog is brill ( and yes I have downed a glass of vino), and I was thinking that it might be worth emailing each other about the old stats and the raising of the profile etc. What do you think? I've just created a facebook page and im seriously contemplating Twitter. I was inspired by your lovely comment this week. Chuffed to bits I was. PS Many congrats on the Caitlin Moran guest blog piece. Can't wait to read it and obviously I'm well jel!

  4. Will definately have a conflab, twitter is great – a bit like the school playground….a few cliquey types, some misfits, some lovely and most of us run of the mill but nearly all supportive and up for a bitch/gossip/moan/cry/laugh…

    I tweeted your blog the other day…not sure if it made any difference to your stats!

    Anyway – will email when I get 5 mins….


  5. Sarah if you ever come to London please join us as my guest at one of our monthly wine tastings.

  6. I found your blog (www.thevoiceofsarahmile ) and interested in paid post. Let me know if you are interested then I will give you more details.

    I can offer you best to make it worth your time.


  7. Have finally found your blog. and am very inspired it … I marvel its brilliant well done.

  8. Lovely to discover your blog via #PoCoLo. I’m reasonably new to blogging. Your blog and what you have achieved with it makes for inspiring reading!

  9. Wow you have Achieved so muchhhhhhhhhhh in your Blogging journey… I love your blog Layout and colour Scheme Beautiful :) Popping over from: #PoCoLo

  10. Hello! Nice to know you too!=) #pocolo

  11. Hi Sarah I’m Education editor on Post40bloggers – I see you have been featured before and I’d like to feature your post on Hello Wall – a near miss.
    I’m one of those few teachers that reads the TES cover to cover too. Never used to but once I dropped my responsibility I suddenly found the time!!
    Niki (mama elsie)

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